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The Prayer Ministry is a group of Prayer Warriors who intercede in prayer for the needs of others, the church and our nation. The vision of our senior pastor is to pray for the healing and salvation of colleagues, friends and family and our nation on a continuous basis through intercessory prayer. Prayer Warriors pray with a purpose for everything. These are dedicated individuals that have been called by God; servants always in the background. They serve an important role: the need for prayer 24/7.


please pray with me. Thankyou Lord that your kingdom of heaven has come. Christ consciousness has overcome our world now shifting all hearts and minds into heavenly consciousness now. All has become more wonderfully positive, more magnificently heavenly, divine, clean, smart, joyous, kind, friendly, social, liberated, forgiving, peaceful, calm, lovely, beautiful, smiling, laughing, fun, compassionate, empathetic, brave, grateful, obedient, respectful, polite, considerate, reliable, trusting, loyal, heavenly synchronized, heavenly generosity for all, heavenly prosperity for all, going the extra mile in all things, attentive, caring, prompt, courageous, confident, godly, pure, holy, loving, cleanly, efficient, team players, youthful, healthy, repaired, healed, made whole, miraculous, supernatural, angelic, wishes and dreams come true, blissful, more than any person could possibly imagine. Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. All life unjuslty imprisoned has been set free now. Your overwhelming love frequency has overcome our world now permeating into all matter, air waves, cells and sub atomic particles, eradicating all evil, anything demonic, anger, hate, fear, worry, strife, envy, jealousy, sickness, disease, viruses, rudeness, disrespect, arrogance, boasting, gossiping, swearing, indecencies, sensuality, lust, ungodliness, suffering, lack, hunger, stupidity, laziness, greed, selfishness, coldness, uncaring, ignoring, ignorance, addictions, bullying, prejudism, gluttony, stealing, suicide, violence, killing, death, decay, darkness, sadness, loneliness, pain, stress, anxieties, pride, crimes against humanity, crimes against God, crimes against all life on earth and to the universe now. All people have been hearing the music of heaven and the voice of God and hearing and seeing Gods loving angels now. All people have been feeling the overwhelming love of Jesus and have been making him their lord and savior now, especially the Jewish people. All people have become heavenly rich now. All has become heavenly free for all. All has become heavenly magnificence beyond imagination. All hearts are now on fire for Jesus. Jesus has become the king and ruler of the world now. Jesus is omnipresent now around the world. Jesus is here now to receive his bride. in Jesus name. Amen

Received: March 12, 2020

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