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The Prayer Ministry is a group of Prayer Warriors who intercede in prayer for the needs of others, the church and our nation. The vision of our senior pastor is to pray for the healing and salvation of colleagues, friends and family and our nation on a continuous basis through intercessory prayer. Prayer Warriors pray with a purpose for everything. These are dedicated individuals that have been called by God; servants always in the background. They serve an important role: the need for prayer 24/7.


I pray and ask for your intercession for a familly of six living abroad. My n'est friand cas been diagnosed with a defect gene with the consequences of removing her reproductive system (Thanks to Lord que vas 4 kids). Now a breast cancer cas been diagnosed. She's 42 y.o. Que needs to stay in France for her cancer treatment, leaving Her husband and 4 kids 6000 km away. I ask for a renewed strengh and even honeymoon for the couple plus payer for the kids that are in utter chaos and disaray (school even if they were A students un fil now, they developp all sort of disturbing behaviour from withdrawal to binge eating, isolation, shutting down like oysters, guilt, anger, shock, ressentment etc.

In a but Shell THEY struggle and I ask you to bring the spiritually To great healer and the throne of mercy in our Lord's presence. I trust him for those precious kids. However the Lord demand of us that we pray and intercede at all time. In accordance to this holy Word, here I'am at the altar asking the body of Christ to join me in claiming total victory over sickness in his name, to glorify our eternal loving father.


Received: October 9, 2021

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