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The Prayer Ministry is a group of Prayer Warriors who intercede in prayer for the needs of others, the church and our nation. The vision of our senior pastor is to pray for the healing and salvation of colleagues, friends and family and our nation on a continuous basis through intercessory prayer. Prayer Warriors pray with a purpose for everything. These are dedicated individuals that have been called by God; servants always in the background. They serve an important role: the need for prayer 24/7.

Dawn Henbest

Please pray that God will forgive me my sins that God will save my soul from all my sins that I can rest at peace with God that I could be reacted that I could be reborn I become a born-again Christian I become saved that God will wash away all my sins and save my soul from all my sins I live in a group home the supervisor is spreading lies and gossiping against me he's making me look bad against my family he's making my family turn on me he's making my friends turn on me he's making enemies in my life my friends and family he's turning people for me to have enemies in my life he's a nipilator in a betrayed her in the backstabbers he's pregnant and he has something against me he's holding the cross again tonight he has a lot of hatred in his heart I try to make peace with me refuse to make things I'm a very loving and nice and good person he looks at me as a bad person my aunt's best friend Donna is believing every line in gossip and Jesus saying against me she's agreeing with everything he said against me and I'm manipulator I'm a kind artist I don't deserve to be mentally and emotionally abused she punished me to have a five year old child taking away everything I own because she's agreeing everything he has said things I should be punished I don't deserve to be treated like that I don't deserve to be punished like a 5 year old child I don't deserve to be persecuted I'm 48 years old he is saying bad things being on my back to make me look bad he's turning people against me it's hurting my family against me I live in a group home and he's administrator right now is in jeopardize in my house and he's spreading my house and putting me in my house in putting me in Japanese put in my relationship with my friends and family in Japanese course and problems in the group he's making very strict rules in the group of no freedom no fresh air no going to the store he's very controlling very mentally emotionally abusive he has no remorse he has no feelings whatsoever he's in Japanese jeopardize in my house putting me on contract having me to be removed from your home during the agency again when you can see to become my enemy he put me on contract ing to put me out in the screen so in the hospital for no reason he turns on me please pray that I get off contract you put me on contracted threatened me he's very controlling very on understanding person he's very hard and very strict to me and the residents I pray that someday he'd be removed he's been there for five months he changed the whole group home around being very structured praying that he made me moved from the group home I pray in the future they remove them and find somebody else to take place every resident's supposed to get there more free allowance he's giving me a hard time giving me my monthly allowance he's turning my family against me for my family to refuse to give me my money every month my family please please pray that I get my monthly allowance at my family will give it to me that he will give it to me every Tuesday he takes my money and holds it against me we had a meeting one day he's hurting every money against my friends and staff and my family he does not like me has no remorse the way he treats me he is my enemy I don't want anybody in my life and he is one of my enemies I just pray that I get off contract and he baby move from the group home they can find a new supervisor administrator to my new group home that's a lot nice and friendly and understanding not very controlling he's very mentally emotionally abusive he says things please pray that my family don't turn again because of his lying in God so many against me please why I keep the relationship with my family and my friends he's destroying my relationships with my friends and family please pray that God will protect my house protect me for me being homeless out in the street so in the shelter with no place to live that he stops sweating gossips and lies for my family and friends the journey against me to judge me please pray that God will protect me from my enemies when they appears to give it to me and towards me that God will be there to fight my battles against my enemy if I would never forsake me or never abandon me when I'm in trouble that God will be there and things will be okay I got peace with him in my family and friends that God will fight against my enemy in the time of trouble my family would never abandon me tell my family catch him in in a lie I'm a family will believe I'm telling you sure how I feel about this person that he's not a nice person my family thinks he's a nice person and understanding person but he's not he's mentally emotionally he was like right on my family will open up their eyes to see the truth about this person and my family would speak up for me and find my battles and support me when I'm in trouble that's my family emotions mentally and actually abusive towards me that my family would stop being that way and stop listening to him and so I believe in everything he's saying I am getting mentally emotional abuse by both sides I'm an innocent and I'm a victim person I don't deserve to be a victim please pray for my pets my praying mantis they sing good help people very cool to them people hurt them and persecute them and told me them people are very cool to God's creatures I had them for 8 years every spring year they had eggs and I've been raising them for eight years I raced in a born babies they grow enough to be adults and make very great pets I have lost lots of praying man because they were stuffed on the bed was throwing out they have suffered from

From human crueltyness towards them they were innocent creatures please pray for their was staying good health please why they'll be healthy please pray that God will protect them for me and told me in persecuted and victims their innocent creatures please pray may God will protect them they don't get injured or hurt by human cruelliness that God will watch over them when they're hungry this weekend I feed them when they're hungry and a very lovable creatures are very playful creatures I raise them for 8 years I still have some praying mantis please pray that God will protect them and watch over them the human crueltyness won't stop towards the pain of God's preachers suffering with a lot of pain crueltyness from humankindness especially my pets my praying mantis please pray that my aunt will come in you and we can spend time together as a family the supervisor administrator that runs the group home to spend time with my family to go out with my family during the day to do overnight please pray to my email speak up for me I could do overnights when she comes with lawyer in June please pray she comes in June I don't see her that often please pray she will come we can spend time as a family me and her best friend that he won't cause problems when they get an incident problem or makeup applies and stories and gossip for my family not to be around me please where I could be with my family and spend a couple overnights to get out of the house the group home he's taking her store brakes away he's taking her outdoor breaks the way we can't go out to get fresh air he's knocking us up in the home 24 hours today with no freedom he's taking everything away we got all freedom back but he wants to take it all the way make us suffer make me suffer to take a away or store breaks we go to the store twice or twice a week he wants to take that away from us his supervisor said we can have our freedom to go to the store twice a week we could go outside and get some fresh air but then he took over being very controlling he's taking away everything that we had a freedom back it's taken away you're still at break these days taking away us going outside to get some fresh air he's taking everything away from us he's very stricken on noxious not a very friendly person please pray that he's supervisor what's the her boundaries and her feet on him that he would not allow him to take away our freedom tomorrow or smoke breaks we go outside and smoke he's talking that away he's taken away her fresh air break please pray that he's supervisor with stuff her foot down on him that to be striking not to take her everything away from us we don't get to go outside anymore to get some fresh air we have to be locked in the house 24 hours a day because that's what he ordered that is mental emotional abuse for some residents and specially for me I'm bored I'm bipolar I have a learning disability I'm bipolar I'm born on my personality disorder I can't be locked up in the house 24 hours a day mentally it's not fair for me it's not healthy for me mentally and for all the residents in the group home we need to have a normal freedom life and he wants to take all that away please pray that his supervisor and not allow him to take all those things away from us he is not understanding and not caring he controls the whole group home he acts like he runs the rules he's the the boss he's mentally emotionally hurting me and all the residents a lot of residents in the house do not like me makes us feel very uncomfortable or very nasty he makes it very uneasy for us to live in the group home he's very hard and strict on me every time someone goes wrong he points the thing around me and blames me for every little thing that goes on even if a resident breaks the movie points the thing around me like I'm manipulator in the problem in the group home he calls me a kind of he calls me the ringleader he calls me a whole bunch of metal emotional on you so it's me it's my friends to turn against me for my family to hurt against me to hate me for my family to hate me please pray that we don't lose our freedom to get some fresh air to go back on smoke breaks the real news for store breaks he's trying to take all that away from us and give us no freedom his supervisor is very understand if she wants us to have freedom but he wants to control everything and take every breath away that we have in the group home please bring my therapist was supposed to get me another house in agency breathing that's to put me on that waiting list father house in agencies man said no man feels like I should be living where I'm living but man don't understand I'm getting mentally emotionally abused she needs to open her eyes and see the truth what's going on in the group home that she won't change her mind to get me another agency house and put me on wait until the agencies of group homes that would be better than me please pray that my therapist or talk to her to look into him me and said no she feels like that's the best place for me to be is where I'm living it's not I mean mentally emotionally abusing me to Disturbed mentally there is no freedom in the home you can't do nothing we can't go on and get fresh air we can't go to the store break so please pray that maybe it will change your mind or my therapist let me go another house and waiting list I pray someday I move I move out in the future I pray that could be soon as possible I pray I'm on the waiting list a few places a great idea will have an opening for me I've been there for 5 months now they doesn't seem to work out for me every very uneasy and very uncomfortable in the group home I'm afraid I'll have a a mental breakdown I'm very afraid of that I'm afraid I'll be home and be living out in the streets I'm very afraid of that pray afraid of losing my friends family and everything I don't want to lose my family I don't want to lose having faith in God and my friends I pray that I keep doing relationship with my family I pray I have a closer relationship with my aunt's best friend Donna that we can have a close relationship please pray that she will take me out of the house more so we can spend time and and I can get another group home and to spend time with her to go to stores to get out and have more freedom that she will take me out of the group home we could be together and spend time together and have a closer relationship that we will close the bond relationship together that I can get out of the house more she will take me out more I am like that 24 hours a day everything you know freedom is taken away because of the straight out that runs the group home a supervisor is very understanding and very caring she wants us to keep our freedom but he's being very controlling you taking everything away from us that we had please pray we don't get a freedom taken away we don't get a store brakes and smoke taken away smoke publishing and take it away we have to go outside and smoke but he wants to take that away too that we can't get any fresh air some of the residents like me in the house smokes we smoke out but he wants to take Dad away too and we can't go outside please don't take all that away or freedom to go outside to get fresh air us to go to the stores to get out more often to get more freedom to take her to smoke breaks away that we can smoke it all outside his supervises very understanding she wants us to keep her freedom but he's very controlling he controls everybody please pray that my aunt will talk to my therapist and change your mind to put me another house and waiting his father agencies his group home is a 2-year program it's a halfway house it's a recovery house when they pray that I get house and before then I pray my house is not a Jeopardy or not a threat and I would never lose my house and I'll be homeless out in the streets please pray stay where I'm living do something opens up in the near future I feel like I'm a big thing that victim in the group home because of the supervisor in the ministrator makes me feel like a victim he needs to be removed from the group all we need a new supervisor new ministry please pray that the agency when I turn against me a hole in bad feelings of grudges towards me because of them they're holding grudges and that bad feelings towards me please please pray that the agency when I turn on me put me homeless on the streets I'll put me out he's like the ring later he has no feelings or almost the way he's acting towards us he acts like he cares but he's not he's a two-faced person is a dark side of them that's hurting other people only the residents are being hurt in persecuted I'm being the victim I'm getting hurt and persecuted more than anybody else he doesn't like me he's holding something against me I don't understand what his problem is please break up with forgive me my sins please but I don't lose my money my family please don't tell him the truth about this person that my family will stop believing I pray that my aunt in Florida would not believe everything he has said that she will stick up for me fight my battles and speak up for me but she seems to believe everything he has said she needs to turn the other cheek and be there and support me amen

Received: May 10, 2021

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