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The Prayer Ministry is a group of Prayer Warriors who intercede in prayer for the needs of others, the church and our nation. The vision of our senior pastor is to pray for the healing and salvation of colleagues, friends and family and our nation on a continuous basis through intercessory prayer. Prayer Warriors pray with a purpose for everything. These are dedicated individuals that have been called by God; servants always in the background. They serve an important role: the need for prayer 24/7.


Good day, I am today humbly requesting a prayer for myself and my marriage. My husband started an online affair with a woman in February and I found out about it quite quickly. It devastated me. I went into a state of shock and nearly took my own life, but he saved my life, and I am thankful for that every day. He has been living with his parents for the past five weeks. He said he is sorry, but that he feels he does not deserve me. He says he can not figure out what is going on in his own head, and does not know why he destroyed the most precious thing in his life. His thoughts is confused and thus I am left in a limbo of waiting for him to talk to me about everything, and starting a healing process. His parents also wants us to end the relationship, but that is not my heart desire. I am in a situation, where I am struggling to cope with suddenly living alone, without my best friend and husband. I have nothing but unconditional love for him in my heart, even though I am hurting badly. I am praying that he will come to the clarity, that I am worth fighting for, that our relationship is worth fighting for, and that he will take action in the direction of working things out with me. We have a 12 year relationship, that was happy, full of joy and dreams and plans for the future. I do not believe in divorce, I believe that the vow of marriage is sacred and should be fixed and respected always. I am praying for healing for myself, to sleep peacefully as I am beyond exhausted. To find purpose and meaning in my life again. And to heal the vow we took before God almost 11 years ago. I believe in the power of prayer, I believe that with the help of a praying community, God willing, I will heal and so will my husband and our marriage.

Received: April 18, 2021

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