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The Prayer Ministry is a group of Prayer Warriors who intercede in prayer for the needs of others, the church and our nation. The vision of our senior pastor is to pray for the healing and salvation of colleagues, friends and family and our nation on a continuous basis through intercessory prayer. Prayer Warriors pray with a purpose for everything. These are dedicated individuals that have been called by God; servants always in the background. They serve an important role: the need for prayer 24/7.


pray for my praying mantis pray for my praying mantis they stay in good health they live a long life style I raised a new to them for five years I had them since they were born as babies Dara endangered species I'm an angel from Heaven to protect God's creatures that are endangered species I had them for five years I had them since they were babies Every Spring they have babies and babies I have some praying mantis outside I'm trying to bring them inside I'm having a difficult time pray that they will be okay and they survive till I bring the pain I give them food and water I have them in a small box trying to catch him to bring them inside I bought some of them inside the still some babies out there pray that I could bring them all indoors for warm shelter I have some praying mantis inside my room I take care of them feed them water and food they are loving creatures there are endangered species nobody's supposed to kill harm or hurt them they protect people they're innocent creatures when they're hungry they squeak they're very playful they look at me like I'm their mother because I had them since they were very tiny there a cute little creatures a very playful they're very friendly when they're hungry they climb on my legs a squeak when they're hungry please pray for that house in safety I lived in the group home in the past they have killed lots of them of my pets my children they stepped on them they do their bed into the dumpster I was very angry so I moved out of the group home because I moved out of the group home because the lies were endangered I moved to a group home new group home they're okay their lives are safe but I'm worried about the ones Outdoors I'm trying to get in I rescue God's creatures that are injured that'll well endangered from other people I got this praying mantis one day it came up to me and it was injured I gave it a loving home and food and water and I took care of it now I had them for five years they have babies and babies and I raise their children like they're my own please pray that God will forgive me my sins and God will have mercy on me I'm a sinner I deserve how did I get a brand-new Rex wrecking brand new restoration soul that I become say that all my sins are forgiven and washed away past present and future that I become a born-again Christian I am guilty for all my sins and I feel the guilt conscience I violated God's ten commandments and I need God to give me long last in life In My Soul and Spirit I could be at peace with God have an in an art that God would save me spiritually from all of my sins Iberia born Soul and Spirit that I could be reborn for my soul into long lasting life into heaven to become saves to be redirected and with God pray that God will protect me for my enemies persecuting and talking me 24 hours a day I live in a group home and the staff stalking gossiping to my family and spreading lies and gossip that's not true that's all lies my family is turning against me they're punishing me for no reason because the staff is spreading so much lies that is not true for my family to turn against me my family took away my allowance I get every month to survive in the group home to pay have friends and to get my personal needs and to get children food my phone my iPod every personal thing I own my family took the listening to all the lies and gossip that staff is saying against me that's not true my family is calling me a liar and manipulator I don't need to be called names because they believe everything they say and it's not true my family needs to listen to their heart and be by my side and back me up and not listen to those gossip in lies the staff all my enemies I pray that God would touch my family's hard to give me back my belongings that they have took against my will as my family is just causing me I'm just a human being I am being chastise and persecuted because of the lies to staff the saying against me my family has to take away my belonging to say I have to have consequences I have to be punished the staff is saying things that's not true saying she's a troublemaker she gets herself into trouble she's a nipple later and my family is taking it very very personal so it's yelling and screaming at me saying there's going to be consequences you're going to be punished I'm 47 years old I don't deserve to be treated like a child I pray that God will chastise and punish in my enemies will suffer the consequences for what they have done against to me that God will protect me and fight my battles in the time of trouble against the wickedness of my enemies that I could be at peace with God that there be no more trouble no more problems no more suffering for me that all my enemies will disappear and they can leave me alone and God will back them off for me that I never lose the relationship with my family that we stay in touch my family would never abandon me never forsake me that my family was stop leaving me stranding for nothing my family was stop having me suffer that God would touch my family's heart so I don't have to suffer anymore and get back my stuff by next month especially my allowance I pray that God will heal me spiritually mentally emotionally physically that I get physical healing I'm on 24-hour lockdown in the group home I'm on 24-hour lockdown in the group home I wanted to pray that I get my freedom back to go to stores again to go home to visit my family to spend time with my family for the day to do overnights at my family's house I can't do that again and have my normal life back like I had in the past my life has been taken away I've been persecuted I feel like a victim I have a learning disability I'm borderline personality disorder I have trouble spelling reading and writing I have trouble speech in my words it's not my fault I just have a learning disability please pray for my praying mantis pray for my salvation diabetic that I become re-erected into a New Soul and Spirit

Received: February 20, 2021

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