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The Prayer Ministry is a group of Prayer Warriors who intercede in prayer for the needs of others, the church and our nation. The vision of our senior pastor is to pray for the healing and salvation of colleagues, friends and family and our nation on a continuous basis through intercessory prayer. Prayer Warriors pray with a purpose for everything. These are dedicated individuals that have been called by God; servants always in the background. They serve an important role: the need for prayer 24/7.


Please Pray for this Library -- the ONLY one of its kind

Please Pray for us.

This email was sent to me from


Messianic Jewish Synaguage

and we need prayer and help

for us and for ALL that is ALL the people that will be using this Library

Study of God is the HIGHEST form of WORSHIP

May we ALL partake of this WORSHIP and facilitate a Spiritual Library that promotes Study of the Word of God.

Adat Yeshua

Messianic Jewish Synagogue

Perhaps you can help finalize our Society of Biblical Literature new publications Library acquisitions for 2020.

Yes, we asked for an end of year gifting corresponding to the Dec. 31st deadline for orders. Purveying through thousands of new Biblical scholarly books offered this year and combing through the difficult formats to do so, there is some updated news, and a last request. The most significant of publishers (Brill), is yet to be ordered as the surprise is they are the only one of dozens of publishers that has an extended deadline until Jan. 31 2021!

In fact as I attempted to review the publishers, and order as late as 11:50 pm Dec. 31st, to my dismay, several key offerings had earlier deadlines that I missed. Though disappointing, that was a good thing. We simply did not raise the usual funding we count on each year to stipend our extraordinary Jewish/Christian Study Library.

I want to catch you up on what we did order. I am "blown away". The extent of what we have talked about through these years has exponentially exploded. The study of the Jewishness of the New Testament, Jesus, Paul and the Jewish scholarship contributing their voices to Christian thought has become the blossoming topic for Biblical Studies. I will send a follow up email listing various significant new publications that have been ordered.

But now we turn to you to give that something extra and special to complete our task and fulfill our goals for this year's SBL Conference book acquisitions.

I received a kind personal letter from the key marketing gentleman at Brill a month ago. He offered to personally take my order, 50% off and free shipping (FROM THE NETHERLANDS)! Through the many years, we have enjoyed a wonderful friendship. And, I am thinkng it is not because I am his best customer each year! Most scholars (14,000 in attendance) buy one or two books. I buy 25! And, these books average retail at $150. Some (and I want to order two this time) are as much as $299! Now think half price! BTW, SBL is the only venue each year scholarly books are available at discounted rates. Amazon gives zero discount on Brill Publishers.

So here it is. I currently, after having combed through the new Brill catalog, created a checkout cart totaling $4,432. 50% off and free shipping makes it $2,216.


Of course I do not want to wait until Jan 31st to order. One reason, is that my friend at Brill requested I get in the order sooner than later as they will be inundated with hundreds of other orders. So please go to our website at, click donate and select SBL or HaKesher Library category for giving.

Perhaps you will be giving, but need some time. I ask that you respond to this email at and state a faith promise pledge of what you will be sending in so we can anticipate and have knowledge that our goal is being met. This way we can place our order in anticipation of funding. I will not need to pay with the order. He will send me a proforma so this will gives us some strategic time to put the funds together.

O.K.? Great!

Rabbi Jerry Feldman

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