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The Prayer Ministry is a group of Prayer Warriors who intercede in prayer for the needs of others, the church and our nation. The vision of our senior pastor is to pray for the healing and salvation of colleagues, friends and family and our nation on a continuous basis through intercessory prayer. Prayer Warriors pray with a purpose for everything. These are dedicated individuals that have been called by God; servants always in the background. They serve an important role: the need for prayer 24/7.

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My name is Artur, i am 19, and i live in the state of Pennsylvania. A few days ago on Saturday 6/13/20 i was stopped for speeding but got a DUI. I understand im in the wrong for it and i understand what i have done was a sin and not right thing to do. I am praying along with my close friends, that my blood test comes back as 0.000. I want to pursue a future in getting my CDL and a DUI would be a horrible thing to get on my record. I pray that my test comes back as 0.000 and i just get a driving ticket, since thats what the initial stop was for.

Today on 6/15/20 a good friend of mine took her Mother to a doctor and they Found lung cancer in Mother's system. The Mother's name is Lida, lives in Sacremento CA and she is UNSAVED. Were all praying that the Mother comes to Jesus and repents as well as were praying for her to fight this battle and be healthy. The Mother has had cancer before and is refusing treatment at this point(If i understood this correctly).

I ask that you keep me, Artur and Lida, my friend's mother- in your prayers. Let God show his love, mercy, and miracles in our lives. I hope your church can join us in prayer. Thank you.

Received: June 15, 2020

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